Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment)

All the teeth have inside a cavity containing the nerve or the nerves of the tooth (pulp). When a tooth is much damaged due to decay or crack, microbes pass inside this cavity and nerve reaction is pain. In this case, root canal treatment is the only solution for the tooth to stay in place without hurting. Otherwise, if not treated directly, abscess is formed at the root end and there is the possibility of intense swelling. At this stage, the success rates of the root canal treatment are limited, and it may even result in tooth extraction.

Root canal treatment is a process with which we work inside the tooth. It is done with local anaesthesia, in order to be completely painless for the patient and includes finding all root canals (small tubes inside the roots containing the nerves of the tooth), their mechanical and chemical cleaning with special tools and special antiseptic application to eliminate all the microbes that cause the pain. After the antiseptic has been left for the required period of time, the root canals is removed and permanently filled with thermoplastic material to achieve complete filling and avoid problems in the future.

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