Tooth whitening ZOOM AP

Tooth whitening is a popular aesthetic technique that improves the colour of the teeth.

Whitening can only change the colour of the teeth, while restorations such as implants or crowns remain unaffected by colour. In addition, the shape, size or position of the teeth are not affected. Therefore, it is a suitable method for teeth that do not have extensive restorations in the anterior teeth and are relatively straight.

The exact result of whitening is unpredictable. Depending on the hue of the teeth (yellow teeth better respond than those with a gray or brown hue) and their quality. The duration of the effect depends on the above factors as well as on the patient’s habits including oral hygiene and the use of dyes (tobacco, coffee, red wine, tea, refreshments like cola).
Teeth whitening is a completely safe procedure for teeth. Our literature shows that 14 days after the last application of the whitening agent, the enamel structure (enamel) has returned to its original state.

At DENTA we use the ZOOM AP (Advanced Power) system,the world’s most popular whitening method, combining high efficiency, absolute safety and low cost.

Whitening of a root canal treated tooth

A particular whitening case is the single tooth whitening with internal discoloration due to gradual tooth necrosis following injury or absorption of pigments from existing root canal materials. This process is called discoloration, it is totally painless and requires at least two sessions with a week’s distance.bleaching

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