All- ceramic crowns and bridges

In some cases where front teeth destruction is quite large, bonding and porcelain veneers are not solutions because they require a sufficient amount of tooth. In these cases or when there are missing anterior teeth, which for some reason have not been implanted, the construction of crowns or bridges is the appropriate solution.

Until recently, metallic ceramics and bridges in anterior teeth created aesthetic problems since the gums appeared to have metallic edges, which in many cases due to the oxidation of metals made the gums look dark. Besides, the existence of the metal frame, necessary for the resilience of the restoration, degrades the aesthetics even when the metal is not obvious.


Today it is possible to replace the metal frame with ceramic materials. The absence of a metal skeleton gives a great advantage; it gives impeccable aesthetic performance and naturality to these restorations, which can now mimic the transparency and the iridescence of the natural tooth. However, the absence of a metal skeleton gives a great disadvantage, the reduced strength in relation to the metal-ceramic restorations.

The solution of all-ceramic is contraindicated when the patient exerts strong chewing pressures (when chewing, gritting or tightening the teeth, etc.) or when there are problems with the conjunctiva.

The process is similar to the process for the construction of metal-ceramic crowns and bridges.


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