In dentistry, prevention is the best treatment. A visit to the dentist twice per year for preventive check and tooth cleaning is essential.

Equally necessary is the dentist’s control of the following cases:

– When there is a crack of the tooth even if it is small and not accompanied by pain. Broken teeth have reduced strength of chewing forces, on the other hand they are prone to decay and may be worsened.

– When white, black or brown spots or cavities (holes) on the teeth are found. It may be tooth decay, so an appropriate treatment depending on the extent of the damage is necessary.

– When the gums bleed in brushing or automatically, then there may be periodontal disease (gingivitis – periodontitis).

-When there are tooth roots in the mouth. Roots should be removed even when they do not hurt because they are microbes.

– Generally, in any case of dental pain even if it is mild or has stopped after some time. In the latter case, the tooth is most likely to have died and to require root canal. If the dead tooth is left untreated it can end up in abscess, which is a painful condition and puts the tooth in danger.

– When there is a feeling of weight on the tooth or swelling on the face. Then it is abscess and this tooth needs treatment (root canal) or extraction.


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