ADIN Dental Implant Systems Ltd. designs, manufactures and markets the development of technology, technologically advanced solutions to dental implants. For over 20 years, ADIN has given dentists and dental technicians innovative solutions and advanced knowledge in the field of Implantology. Located in northern Israel, every ADIN employee plays an important role in its growing success.

Over the years, ADIN has been constantly focusing on the development of a highly professional research and development team to ensure the production of high quality, technologically advanced products. ADIN has also worked closely with leading dental practitioners, surgeons, industry technicians, both in the private and public sectors, along with dental schools at leading universities to provide customers with up-to-date industry knowledge and information.

“On behalf of all our associates, I invite you to meet us in person
and we will be happy to help you.

Lazaros D. Papaiordanidis, DDS, MSc, Dental surgeon