It was established as Implant Innovations Inc (“3i“) on May 27, 1987 by Dr. Richard Lazzara, a periodontist, and Keith Beaty, an engineer, has 1,000 employees and its global headquarters are located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. BIOMET 3i is recognised for cutting-edge innovations in the development of organic implant guides, gaining global recognition for the microscopic surface of the OSSEOTITE® implant, which has over 15 years of proven research.

More recently, Biomet 3i introduced the 3i T3® Implant, a modern hybrid implant with a new multi-surface topography designed to offer aesthetic results through tissue conservation. BIOMET 3i has also been recognised for its contribution to new dental technologies, such as Digital Dentistry, with the development and patented BellaTek® Encode® Impression System.

The core of this system is the BellaTek®Encode® Healing Abutment, which incorporates special codes on the chewing surface that translate the implant information they need without the need for the clinician to get a fingerprint from the implant level. In addition, the footprint of BellaTek®Encode® Healing Abutment can now be obtained with an intraoral scan allowing a faster and more comfortable procedure for the patient.

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Lazaros D. Papaiordanidis, DDS, MSc, Dental surgeon