Exemplary Dental Office in Thessaloniki

The11111 DENTA Experimental Dental Office is located in Thessaloniki, at 21, Karolos Deel street, and provides high quality services in the field of aesthetic dentistry and implants. It is housed in a comfortable and friendly place that meets all the international hygiene and safety standards and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Denta has developed and implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2015 . It has been certified and inspected annually by the national German technical Inspection Agency TÜV NORD.

Painless Anaesthesia

Is there any technique or technology that makes anaesthesia painless?

Wand® STA is an electronically controlled system that provides immediate and completely painless anaesthesia (for all types of anaesthesia) in dental practice. Wand® STA revolutionizes dental anaesthesia by sending the pain, anxiety and stress that accompanies conventional syringes away.

In addition, with Wand® STA, we avoid annoying numbness to cheeks, lips and tongue. Practically this means that the patient can easily talk and eat immediately after infusion of the anaesthetic.

Spesialized Services

 Aesthetic orthodontics

Dentacaps aligners

Dentacaps aligners are used in cases where is needed less movement of ...

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Orthocaps® aligners

Orthocaps® aligners (www.orthocaps.com) are the main approach of appl...

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Complex Orthodontics Systems

Aesthetic Orthodontics deals with the “alignment” of teeth...

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Our People

Lazaros Papaiordanidis

Dental surgeon, DDS, MSc

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Stavroula Fotiou

Dental surgeon, DDS

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Maria Ipliktsoglou

Dental assistant

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Dora Tsivitsari

Head of Secretariat - Management

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Barbara Baumeister

Community Manager and Quality Manager

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‘Preventing is better than healing’; therefore, it is important to keep children and adults properly informed about oral hygiene as well as eating habits.


Detailed dental examination takes place at the first visit. After the information is collected, the diagnosis and alternative treatment plans will be analysed.


Our scientific team with excellent education and continuous training is able to cope with all the dental needs of our patients.

“On behalf of all our associates, I invite you to meet us in person
and we will be happy to help you.

Lazaros D. Papaiordanidis, DDS, MSc, Dental surgeon