Orthocaps® aligners

Orthocaps® aligners (www.orthocaps.com) are the main approach of applying aesthetic orthodontics. The model Dental Clinic Denta has 2 Certified Providers (3* and 1* of Orthocaps®)

For their construction, a high-precision impression is produced to make a three-dimensional image of the mouth, the “iSetup”, showing the required movements of teeth, the treatment duration and the end result. Therapy is carried out in stages. Each stage consists of 2 pairs of aligners, one for each jaw. During the day, the patient wears the “thin” aligners that are completely transparent and don’t interfere with speech at all. During the night as well as the hours that they are at home and less active they wear the “thick” aligners. Each stage lasts 3-4 weeks and then the aligners are replaced by those of the next stage.

Orthocaps® aligners can also be used in children who are still in mixed teething (they still have deciduous teeth in their mouths) and apply them only during the night.


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